If you think about festivals and rave parties, aside from the words fun and excitement another word might come into mind which is a crowd. A crowd which consists of a large number of people that can go up to a thousand. Now if you have all these people in one area confusion can set in. For instance, you are with a group of people in a festival or rave party but due to the large crowd you become separated and you might not be able to reach them through their mobile devices. So how can you easily find them among the thousands of people in the venue? Simple, through rave flags.

What Are These Flags?

These are customized flags that belong to a group of people. They could have different designs that can range from having psychedelic designs with weather resistant fabric to ones with minimalist designs. Wimscilabs is an expert of rave flags, Browse their site for more interesting information.


They could vary in color and size depending on the preference of the buyer. Which can then be carried around by the individuals or it can be mounted using metal grommets to mark a certain area.


• Establish an identity. These flags can serve as a mark that you belong to a certain group. For example, you are part of an online community and you want to meet up or see other members in a festival without really having the need to establish a meetup place or time. You can easily do that by carrying around your customized flag. You can identify each other through and you can make new friends.

• Never lose sight of your friends. Since these flags are quite big and eye-catching wherever your friends will be you can always see them among the crowd and even great distances, you don't even have to see their faces.